Bill ProcysonMy name is Bill Procyson and I’m so glad you’ve decided to visit my site. 

Maybe you or someone you know is going through a difficult time and you’re looking for information or someone to talk with.   Or maybe you are familiar with therapy and you’re looking for a therapist who’s a better “fit”. 

As a therapist, I know that deciding to seek professional help is a big step, and that it’s important to find a counselor or therapist who will offer you the care and type of  help you need.   My aim is to ease your concerns as you take that step.   I hope this website will answer your questions about me and my practice.  I invite you to contact me, by phone or email, if you have further questions or would like to set an appointment. 


My Beliefs and Approach to Helping

People come to counseling and therapy for many different reasons.   Some people are trying to find solutions for specific issues while others are looking for ways to cope with the challenges of daily living.  But the one thing all people who seek counseling have in common is that they recognize that they need the help of a trained professional.  As a therapist, I believe in working together with my client as a collaboratorWe’ll talk about the challenges you are facing, we’ll explore the reasons, and we’ll create goals for working through those challenges.  Together.

When a client comes to therapy, it is essential that he/she feels safe, respected, and supported.  I create a nurturing environment and encourage my client by listening attentively and nonjudgmentally, and giving appropriate feedback.  I believe that building a positive, healthy relationship between therapist and client is fundamental for counseling/therapy to be effective.  When you come to me for a session, I want you to feel relaxed and encouraged.

Finally, I believe that we each have the inner strength to face and overcome challenges that arise in our lives.  Sometimes it takes  problem-solving to see the solution, or to look at the situation from a fresh perspective.  And sometimes we need help to get there.  I believe that seeking professional counseling is a positive, active step in caring for oneself I want to help you to grow and change, to find health and peace of mind.  As your counselor, my role is to facilitate a process that will allow you to explore and discover the best way to help yourself.


Background & Qualifications

Bill Procyson, M.A., M.S., is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a strong background in drug/alcohol addictions counseling.  While he is currently counseling most clients individually, Bill has extensive experience as a facilitator of a support group for adults actively pursuing recovery from drug/alcohol addictions while also seeking assistance with mental health challenges.  At present, Bill is the co-facilitator of a support group for men.

Bill’s interest to pursue a degree in Counseling Psychology sprang from his background in Special Education.  Serving for over thirty years as a teacher and as a behavior specialist with the Montgomery County (PA) Intermediate Unit, Bill supported adolescents experiencing emotional challenges.  In his role as a behavior specialist in an alternative education program, Bill assessed student needs, designed and implemented student behavioral strategies, and led group counseling sessions. This experience of working with students in an emotional support capacity is what inspired Bill to pursue his career in counseling.

Be Inspired

To be inspired means to be aroused, to breathe in new ideas and be filled with new feelings. There are so many great sources of inspiration around us.  On this page I will share with you some of the places where I find inspiration.  I invite you to explore them for yourself, to let me … Continue reading

Mental Illness: Recognizing Symptoms

Here are a few links to websites that describe conditions of mental illness and their symptoms:  The purpose of this page is to offer resources for general information only, and is not intended to offer diagnoses or advice, or to take the place of a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional. http://www.mhasp.org/help/symptoms.html http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/mental-health/MH00042 http://psychcentral.com/disorders/ http://www.healthyplace.com/other-info/psychiatric-disorder-definitions/adult-symptoms-of-mental-health-disorders/menu-id-71/

Men’s Group

Men’s Group offers a safe setting for men to share feelings, concerns, and stories; to laugh together, advise each other of solutions to common challenges, or just hang out. Themes often include: spousal/partner relationships relationships with children (including adult children) blended families work/career concerns coping with transitions dealing with anger health sex Occasionally a theme … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Counseling and Therapy?

As a licensed professional counselor I provide both counseling and therapy to my clients.  The words may seem interchangeable, but there is a difference between counseling and therapy.   Counseling is a practical, advice-giving approach to helping you with the challenges you are facing.  Therapy goes deeper than counseling in helping you to explore the underlying causes of … Continue reading