Men’s Group

Men’s Group offers a safe setting for men to share feelings, concerns, and stories; to laugh together, advise each other of solutions to common challenges, or just hang out.

Themes often include:

  • spousal/partner relationships
  • relationships with children (including adult children)
  • blended families
  • work/career concerns
  • coping with transitions
  • dealing with anger
  • health
  • sex

Occasionally a theme or topic is introduced by the facilitators, and the conversation spins off in directions meaningful to those present. At other times we just start talking and see what comes up. Each session, therefore, has its own character and excitement.

If a member has a pressing problem, he is encouraged to share with the group and ask for feedback (which he may or may not use). Each member can disclose at his own level of comfort and need. We maintain an accepting, inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes. Group size is usually 4-8.

Group meets at 600 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA.

Questions?  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Contact the facilitators:

Bill Procyson  Bill Procyson, M.S., M.A., professional counselor

  (484) 680-6457,

Harry Orenstein  Harry Orenstein, Ph.D., clinical psychologist

  (215) 836-7220,


What is the Difference Between Counseling and Therapy?

As a licensed professional counselor I provide both counseling and therapy to my clients.  The words may seem interchangeable, but there is a difference between counseling and therapy.


Counseling is a practical, advice-giving approach to helping you with the challenges you are facing.  Therapy goes deeper than counseling in helping you to explore the underlying causes of those challenges.  Used together, counseling and therapy offer a balanced approach  to  dealing with issues and addressing feelings.